Corporate Retreats

Our experts help you plan every detail of your retreat with a green and sustainable focus. We will make sure your group enjoys the right meeting space, dining options, team activities, wellness presentations and curated amenities. You will have everything you need for a productive meeting, executed without a hitch. Plus, we fill the spaces in your schedule with healthy, inviting choices for individuals and groups. Some of what we will organize for you includes:

• Executive leadership programs

• Team-building activities led by experts

• Learning opportunities that foster bonding

• Spa and wellness days

• Separate itinerary for spouses

• Customized welcome receptions and private dining

• Cooking demos and hands-on learning

• Social gatherings 

There are a lot of benefits to booking a corporate retreat for your team. These include:

  • Targeted results. Unlike generic establishments, corporate retreats are there to help you achieve specific results. You’ll identify beforehand what outcomes you want to achieve by the end of the break, and the retreat team will help you to achieve them.

  • Staff engagement. There’s something exciting about leaving the office for a few days, and this can act as a catalyst for motivation and engagement – which is great if you feel that morale is low in the workplace.

  • Reward. Corporate retreats can also be used as a staff reward. Yes, there will be team-building activities, but there’s plenty of opportunities to relax, spend time with colleagues and celebrate achievements.

Which is the Right One for Your Business?

Finding the best corporate retreat for your company depends very much on the nature of your business, not to mention your specific requirements. Before booking, ask yourself the following:

  •  What do I want to achieve? Do you want your employees to focus on learning a certain skill? Do you want to develop team collaboration? Is boosting the atmosphere of the workplace a top priority? Figure out what your goals are, as this will help you to identify the right location.

  • What activities are best suited to my team? If the average age of your team is over 55, you may not want to book a frenetic, fast-paced corporate retreat, complete with rigorous physical activities and demanding challenges. Likewise, if your team are young, they would probably appreciate something lively, rather than a sedate corporate venue.

  • What can I afford? It’s important to be realistic about costs. It might sound like a great idea to book a luxury hotel for your next company retreat, but if it blows your annual budget, it’s probably not worth the extra expense!

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