Who we are

Definition of Ecotourism by The International Ecotourism Society: "Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well-being of local people."

Tourism in key biodiversity areas can be both an opportunity for conservation and a threat to biodiversity. My Irish Travel believes that carefully planned and implemented tourism can be a sustainable economic opportunity for local communities as well as a successful conservation strategy. Ecotourism can provide income to local people and, by its reliance on healthy ecosystems, offer a powerful incentive to conserve and protect biodiversity. People who earn their living from ecotourism are more likely to protect their natural resources and support conservation efforts.

Our commitment is to offer experiences that have minimum impact on the local environment, culture and resources. We are also committed to ensuring that local communities benefit from our business. All providers of My Irish Travel experiences are small-scale local businesses owned and managed by local people. Our guests contribute directly to the economy of the areas they visit and of course, leave no trace behind.